Continental Girbau Washers

Continental Girbau has engineered several lines of commercial washer-extractors to meet specific market needs. Each of the Continental washer lines – ExpressWash, E-Series, M-Series, L-Series and Econ-O-Wash – is loaded with unique features and capabilities to improve profits, energy efficiency and productivity at coin-operated laundries, industrial laundries and on-premise laundries alike.

EH055 ExpressWash Washer-Extractors deliver the highest programmable extract speeds – up to 381 G-force on some models – removing more water during extract, reducing resulting dry-time, boosting customer turnover and lowering utility costs. With a soft-mount design, ExpressWash Washers slide into place without need for bolts and concrete foundations. Available in 20-, 30-, 40-, 55- and 90-pound capacities, ExpressWash Washer-Extractors lead the industry in energy efficiency and getting coin-op laundry customers in and out in 60 minutes or less!
MG 40 MG-Series Washer-Extractors are Continental's highest performing hard-mount washers. Generating extract speeds of up to 200 G-force, MG-Series Washers are engineered to cut utility costs, produce a superior wash and boost profit potential at vended laundries. MG-Series washers are available in 40 and 55 pound capacities.
EM040 M-Series Washer-Extractors are energy-efficient machines boasting higher G-force extract speeds than many other hard-mount commercial washers. Available in 25-, 40- and 55-pound capacities, M-Series Washer-Extractors reach speeds of up to 141 G-force and feature a hard-mount design. The M-Series line of washer-extractors remove more water during extract from each load, when compared to most other hard-mount washers on the market. In doing so, they cut dry-time and improve productivity over comparable machines.
L1075 L-Series Washer-Extractors are large capacity hard-mount washers with extract speeds reaching 131 G-force. Available in 75- or 125-pound capacities, these commercial washer-extractors are in demand by coin-op laundries that cater to customers with family-sized loads. L-Series washers offer solid energy-efficiency and unmatched durability.
econowash Econ-O-Wash Top Load Commercial Washers are energy-efficient toploads for use at coin-op laundries. Using less water than most home-style topload washers, Econ-O-Wash is constructed for unmatched longevity and features a user-friendly control.