Daniels Equipment Company

Since 1973, Daniels Equipment Company has served the six New England states with quality coin-operated and commercial laundry equipment, supported by a superior service department. Many have found Daniels Equipment a friendly, efficient distribution business. Our service technicians maintain over 5,000 washers and 12,000 dryers in New England!

Daniels has won numerous awards from its suppliers for sales, service and outstanding achievement. Daniels is leading the charge for technologically-advanced laundry solutions combined with energy efficient designs!

Our unique blend of laundry expertise, equipment, spare parts and technical support is all part of Daniels' VALUE ADDED packages. We want to be your supplier.

Daniels is the area’s leading supplier of genuine replacement factory parts, as well as high quality, high value, reproduction spare parts - fully guaranteed! Our multi-million dollar parts inventory ensures immediate filling of your needs - promptly.

Our superior buying power sets us apart from the competition. Our buyers work out the very best deals with our suppliers then pass the savings on to you! This allows us to offer parts and ancillary items at great prices usually shipped from our modern warehouse facility.

Daniels also has an extensive selection of parts available through our interactive website. Decequip.com uses the latest in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. When you use our order from, you will see the "secure" sign that your information is safe and encrypted. Also, your order history and database is kept on a separate secure server away from the site (not like other e-commerce sites) so in the unlikely event that someone should break into the site, they will not find your information or history! This added security is put into the site for your protection! 

Our Mission ...

To maintain and further our reputation of superior service throughout the entire Northeast, Daniels is consistently with customers at every step on the journey. When a call is placed, Daniels responds in a timely and effective manner with the nation’s most professional and skilled technicians.

Our goal is to reach a facility in the shortest time possible once a service call is placed. Helping us achieve this goal is Daniels Equipment’s extensive fleet of over 20 fully stocked vehicles and laundry technicians. Our fleet is on the roads and highways of New England responding to calls, installing equipment and providing our customers with the tools they need for a smooth and successful operation.

Contributing to our timeliness is the fact that many of Daniels Equipment Company’s technicians actually reside in their territories. This results in reduced travel, increases customer savings and improves an already low response time. Overall, timeliness is a factor of dedication, and we, in the Daniels family, are truly dedicated to surpassing our customers’ expectations.


Over the past years when considering the purchase of a particular product (a business, car, a house, etc.) it has been my practice to get (in addition to other facts) a historical overview of the evolution and development of the particular commodity. I know this 'due diligence' approach is not unique to me, but a practice that all successful folks pursue. With this in mind, it is my hope that this brief history of the Coin/Vended laundry industry will be helpful as you explore investing your time, talents and money into this business that has given many investors an excellent return on the money and to individuals (who own and operate multiple coin/vended laundry stores) a substantial living. Read story