Card Systems

Just like most successful retail businesses, the keys to success in the laundromat business are defined through quality of operations, including precise and attainable financial control. Cashless payment systems not only make this 100% achievable, but today's systems are being designed in way that make this extremely easy compared to antiquated coin activated systems, and gives customers a feeling of security as it completely eliminates the need to carry cash.
ESD Cars Systems

ESD Card Systems

ESD's cashless payment systems provide an unmatched feeling of security as it completely eliminates the need to carry cash. Statistically, the average laundromat customer is a thirty-five year old woman with two children. Besides the added convenience of not having to carry around a whole lot of dirty quarters, the safety and security offered through the ESD cashless payment systems is a huge competitive advantage.

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CCI Card Systems

Card Concept's Coinless LaundryCard™ system was developed to give store owners the right tools needed to easily succeed. Custom Laundry Cards, On-The-Fly Reporting, Custom Marketing Tools, and Remote Management Abilities are just a few of the Unique Features LaundryCard™ has to offer.

CCI’s core product, LaundryCard™ replaces all of the coin acceptors in a laundry with card readers, traditional change machines are replaced by kiosks (called X-Changers). These kiosks dispense 'debit cards' that customers can add value to and start machines. The system maintains the customer’s card balance and allows them to revalue their card with either cash or a credit card. Along with LaundryCard™ CCI manufactures and distributes other ancillary products that compliment the Laundromat operations.


Wash Card - Card Acceptance for Coin Laundromats

Accept credit cards and debit cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo as an additional form of payment at your coin laundromat. Cater to the growing population of card-carrying customers and keep your coin-carrying customers. WashCard offers two complimentary product lines of hardware to make sure you can find the right balance between up front COST and CONVENIENCE for your laundromat business.

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