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PPE Cabinet
*Suit includes jacket, pants and liners

With several turnout gear manufacturers advising against tumble drying of their protective clothing, Cissell's gentle Turnout gear drying cabinets offer a safe alternative. Cissell's drying cabinets will help return gear to service faster than air drying alone, and without risking damage to the protective qualities of the high-tech fibers.

Cissell's Fireman's Drying Cabinet can handle from one to six fire suits* at a time. Included are boot/glove racks (that can hold up to 15 gloves or boots), that make it very versatile.

For more than half a century CissellĀ® has been an industry leader in the design and innovation of commercial laundry equipment. The result of our unwavering commitment to building durable, reliable and affordable equipment has resulted in EXCEPTIONAL CHOICES for our customers.

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