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Girbau Industrial Continuous Batch (Tunnel) Washing System

Capable of processing up to 3,300 pounds of laundry per hour, Girbau Industrial’s continuous washing system is designed to heighten laundry efficiency and productivity, while reducing labor. The system consists of a loading converyor, a TBS-50 Continuous Batch Washer, a SPR-50 Water Extraction Press, a shuttle lifting conveyor, ST-100 Dryers and a Central Control

Girbau Industrial

Loading Conveyor

The Loading conveyor – available in inclined or horizontal configurations – automatically loads laundry batches, by weight, into the batch washer.

TBS-50 Batch Washer
Girbau Industrial's TBS-50 Batch Washer – available in five- to 12-modules, each with 110 pounds of capacity – is an extremely flexible tunnel washer configurable to the specific processing needs of any high-volume laundry. Click here for product brochure.

SPR-50 Extraction Press
Utilizing hydraulic pressure, the SPR-50 Extraction Press efficienty extracts water from saturated loads of linen—pressing loads into round laundry cakes that will be automatcially transported to the dryer or ironing lines. Click here for product brochure.

Shuttle Lifting Conveyor
With single or double cake configurations, Girbau Industrial Shuttle Lifting Conveyors transport laundry cakes from the press into auto-loading/unloading dryers. Click here for product brochure.

Available in gas, steam or thermal fluid heat or tumble only, the ST-100 Dryer is engineered to unbind/condition or completely dry up to 275 pounds of linen per load, using less energy and total automation. Click here for product brochure.

Central Control
The Central Control seamlessly links controls and monitors all components and processes of the Girbau Industrial Continuous Batch Washing System. Click here for product brochure.

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