It wasn't until after World War 2, that the first 'Laundromats' were installed in store fronts. However, as early as 1935, coin slides were adapted to home washers and dryers which were then installed in apartment houses. Also, to replace the revenue generated from manufacturing implements of war that were no longer needed, the Bendix and Westinghouse Companies began the production of coin operated automatic washers, which their distributor/dealers sold to investors. At the same time the Heubsch Originator Company, Cissell Manufacturing, and other manufacturers of drying tumblers, which were installed in commercial power laundry enterprises, saw the potential of the new industry and began adding coin slides to their 50lb dryers production to complete the Laundromat laundering experience. These were the days of the “Blue Suede” salesman, who sold coin laundry businesses to unsuspecting investors, who thought they would have a ’gold mine’, but for many reasons ended up losing their invested fund! These “blue suede” fast talkers gave the industry a poor name, which retarded the growth of coin laundries.

However, there were some ethical distributors, who aligned themselves with manufacturers who shared the same honest approach in the marketing and support of the coin laundry investor. It is these folks and their combined companies (manufacturers and distributors), who nurtured and developed this fledgling coin/vended laundry industry into the vibrant business that it is today.

In fact, some of the principals of the various manufacturers and distributorships saw the need for a national organization to represent the three segments of the coin laundry industry (manufacturers, distributors and store owners), who met in Chicago to develop and FUND the N.A.L.C.C. (National Automatic Laundry Cleaning Council), which today is known as the C.L.A. (Coin Laundry Association). These men were true visionaries and many of the founding precepts are still used today in the governing of the C.L.A. For instance, the National Board is comprised of a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 20 dedicated individuals each representing a segment of the Coin/Vended industry, with “no less” than 50% being store owners. As a result of this structure, the coin store owners have the plurity, because they represent the owners of all coin laundries, which today numbers in the 38,000 percentile.

As the years passed the manufacturers improved their products and the industry grew until the energy crisis of 1975-76. Up to this time natural and LP gas, oil, electricity and water costs were reasonably priced, but when utility costs approached 30% of the coin stores gross income something had to be done. Many ‘Rube Goldberg’ devices were developed and marketed, claiming substantial savings, which were never realized, but major manufacturers went back to the drawing boards and developed 30lb dryers which used only 72,000 BTU’s per hour to dry a load of clothes compared to the earlier 50lb dryers which used 125,000 BTU’s. Also, the washer manufacturers introduced larger front loading washers, which used far less total water per pound of clothes washed, which in turn resulted in lower energy consumption in heating water. Then the manufacturers developed wash programs using less hot water in the wash and rinse cycles and also reduced the number of wash and rinse cycles. These three major changes returned the utility costs to the 20 percentile adding profit to the bottom line.

The use of magnetic cards in coin laundries was introduced in the closing years of the 20th century. This innovative concept has changed the coin laundry industry for the benefit of BOTH the Coin Store owner AND their customers. For example, the store owner no longer has to empty coin boxes from multiple washers and dryers. Instead, with the card system they install one or two Value Transfer Machine(s) (VTM’s) that accept paper currency the value of which is transferred to a magnetic striped card giving a one point collection location of the revenue to the owner and a proprietary card to the customer for use in operating multiple washers or dryers saving the laundry customer from having to have a pocket full of coins.
Another innovation that took place during the same period was the introduction of the Wash, Dry and Fold service. This became another point of revenue, but required attendants. Some store owners, for their own particular reasons, still operate multiple stores without offering this service.

In 1973 Daniels Equipment Co. Inc., became a distributor for the Unimac Company in the sales, installation and service of O-premise laundry equipment to hotels, motels, nursing homes, dry cleaners and you might say to any business needing non-coined or on-premise laundry equipment. Daniels continues tin this roll and today is a recognized worldwide leader in the On-premise laundry field!

Subsequently, Unimac entered the coin laundry industry (as it was then called) and offered Ralph Daniels the Distributorship of their quality products for all of New England. When Unimac was sold to the Alliance Laundry Systems Company, Daniels continued solely as the Unimac OPL Distributor. Today the Daniels Sales staff – with well over 250 years’ experience in the coin/vended side of the business, represents the Continental GIrbau Company in the sales of coin/vended store investments and equipment throughout New England.

In the mid 90’s, Ralph Daniels and Dave Spofford successfully introduced OZONE technology to the OPL market under the corporate name of Aquawing. Today, a network of “time proven” distributors represents Aquawing across the U.S and has become the product of choice in nursing homes, hotels, prisons etc. This technology is “green” reducing the use of fossil fuels, water, chemicals and has been proven – by independent laboratories – to kill super bugs 99.999999 percent in the washing process! This product the San-O3-tyzer was introduced to the coin/vended industry at CLEAN ’11 (the industry trade show) and has already been installed in self-service laundries throughout America.

No matter which side of the laundry business (OPL or VENDED) you are involved with, “we’ve got you covered”! Our team of pleasant, knowledgeable and experienced folks (with significant longevity) offers you the ultimate results in equipment sales, service and parts. We’d like to add your name to our list of satisfied customers! All we ask is the opportunity to serve you.