Investor Seminars
Seminars Are you considering opening a card or coin operated laundry, and/or dry cleaning plant? Do you like to be your own boss? Are you a strong independent, individual? Most of all, are you looking for a healthy return-on-investment (ROI)? The vended laundry business can make an excellent business investment, however there is a lot to consider when planning a card or coin operated laundry like location product mix, layout, services and more.

The recent surge of working professionals and families craving timesaving conveniences opens many new doors for card and coin operated laundry owners. Through added services, including multiple levels of wash, dry and fold services and high-speed laundry equipment. busy families save time and money by doing their wash at the local self-service vended/coin laundry. Their priorities are nice clothes, entertainment, and leisure activities. They are happy to leave laundry chores up to a professional wash/dry/fold service at a local professional coin/card laundry.

Investing in your future in today’s coin laundry business has never been more challenging. Rising utility costs continue to take an increasing “bite” out of your profits. What percentage of your monthly gross coin receipts are used to pay your electric, gas, water and sewer bills? it’s time to either sell your store or remodel the store and install energy efficient equipment. Over the past 10 years, equipment prices have increased by as much as 50%.

Proper research is of paramount importance today.  So few customers do the complete research on such factors as WCF (Water Consumption Factor) and MEF (Modified Energy Factor).   Published test results from the Department of Energy by Intertek, an independent testing laboratory will provide results on 20, 30, 40, and 55 lb. capacity washers. 

Next seminar series coming in November 2012

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