LG Washer
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Commercial Dryers

Energy Star Qualified
Saving time, money and energy plays an important role in the environment and now in business. Being environmentally aware and promoting green amenities makes your property more attractive to current and prospective residents. LG Commercial Laundry Systems are ENERGY STAR rated, and choosing these washers for your community laundry facilities saves a significant amount of money.

PDA Link Functionality
LG washer functions and usage data can be managed and controlled wirelessly using a PDA Linked Functionality. This wireless monitoring allows a service technician to be alerted to a potential problem before it is reported by your residents, providing greater customer service.

PDA Link
Easy Repair Easy Repair System
LG Commercial Laundry Systems are all front service accessible. Valuable service time is not wasted gaining access to key service elements ensuring minimal downtime of your machines.
Reversible Dryer Door
The direction of the door swing can be easily changed to the customer’s preference, left or right, with no additional parts required.
LG Dryer door LG door right
Tempered Glass Tempered Glass
The door is made of tempered glass making it more durable and less breakable. Compared to competitor’s plastic inserts, the glass does not scratch easily and the transparent window allows residents to conveniently check the progress of their wash.
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