LG Washer
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Commercial Washers

Enhanced energy efficiency and innovative features of LG Commercial Laundry Systems offer superior cleaning performance while using less energy and water to keep your utility bills low and our planet green.

Invertor Control
Inverter Control Systems generate less speed fluctuations and consume only the exact amount of electricity needed at every step. This not only saves water and energy but also ensures optimum washing performance.

Water Circulation
LG washing machines are equipped with a state-of-theart water circulation system. This innovative design reduces water consumption by circulating fresh water from below the inner drum to be used during the wash. A pump located under the inner drum pulls up the water that sprays between the inner drum and the outer tub, repeating this action during the wash and rinsing processes. By limiting the amount of water used during a cycle, LG washers provide greater water savings.

Water Circulation

Energy Star

Energy Star Qualified

Saving time, money and energy plays an important role in the environment and now in business. Being environmentally aware and promoting green amenities makes your property more attractive to current and prospective residents. LG Commercial Laundry Systems are ENERGY STAR rated, and choosing these washers for your community laundry facilities saves a significant amount of money.

PDA Link Functionality
LG washer functions and usage data can be managed and controlled wirelessly using a PDA Linked Functionality. This wireless monitoring allows a service technician to be alerted to a potential problem before it is reported by your residents, providing greater customer service.

PDA Link

Stainless Basket

NeverRust™ Stainless Wash Tub
The rust-free stainless steel drum prevents staining clothes. Unlike normal painted drums, where the paint tends to chip over time, the scratch-resistant stainless steel drum and pulsator ensure residents won’t complain about stained or ruined clothes.
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