What Others Have to Say

I want to thank you and Daniels for the new dryers. I am getting rave reviews from customers about them. I expect my business to substantially increase with this improvement. They work great and look great too.

A special thanks to your installers Tim and Keith. I could not decide whether to keep the old dryers for parts or scrap whatever or have the installers remove them. I went back and forth with TIm and Keith. The easy answer for them was to encourage me to keep the dryers. That way they could do substantially less work. In the end they advised me to get rid of them and I am so glad I took their advise. I was also going to have one set of dryers installed at a later date because I thought I was not quite ready. They said "We're here. Let's do it now." Again they were right. You've got a very good team at Daniels. Thanks for taking care of me.
- Jack Dunphy


Thanks to you and your team on another quality job. I appreciate working with you guys. You are all true professionals to include sales, repair techs, install techs and billing. Thanks for everything.
- Ralph Hathaway - Linda Manor


A note of thanks for your help! The motor in our bill changer was dying a slow death. I fixed it until it could not be fixed. The manufacturer didn't have any motors for the bill aceptor and wanted $1,500.00 for an upgrade bill acceptor. This was totally unacceptable whereas I can buy parts for cars 50-60 years old no problem. I called you and you directed me to Ray in your parts department. Ray not only had the acceptor he had three. One rebuilt at that! I bought two at one-fifth the price of new. I put the rebuilt in and problem solved. Thank you and Ray 1500 times.
- George Valeri - Stafford Station Laundromat