Turkey Time

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Since November of 1994 Daniels Equipment has held a one day “Profit Symposium”. This one day spectacular event was introduced for the benefit of YOU the coin/vended Laundromat owner!

It was and is NO accident that the mid-Fall period of each year for the past 24 years was chosen! For instance, the fact that under IRS regulations there was and still are real tax benefits (tax credits) to the store owner when they purchase new equipment at this time of the year!! Sometimes the IRS code allows depreciation on your purchases with a ‘reach back’ for the entire year, saving store owners thousands of dollars. In other years there has been double depreciation, etc.

Every year our Vendors have provided products to us at reduced costs, which we, in turn, have passed on to you in the form of substantially reduced Turkey Time prices, saving you -in some cases- thousands of dollars on your purchases!

This year’s Profit Symposium will have a slightly different twist to it. We have procured a Ballroom and a large tent in the parking lot, but we also understand not everyone is comfortable with, or cannot attend, social gatherings, so this event will also be streamed live. Customers will be able to login from anywhere to watch speakers, listen to vendors, see equipment, and talk to salesmen. For those of you that do want to attend in person, we have scheduled morning and afternoon timeslots to accommodate distancing.

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Adam Maciaszczyk - New Hampshire & Vermont
Adam Maciaszczyk

Contact Adam today in you're located in New Hampshire, Vermont or Eastern Massachusetts. Adam has been living in the Boston area most of his life, but he and his wife recently purchased their first home in New Hampshire.  

For more information email Adam at Adam@decequip.com

Tim Avallone - Western MA
Tim Avallone

For more information email him at avallonet@decequip.com today for an extensive analysis of your business and allow Tim to provide three methods of proven success to increasing profitability.

Bruce Matthias - Connecticut
Bruce Matthias
Bruce has been with Daniels for over 35 years and has lived in Connecticut his whole life. Bruce's knowledge and understanding of the Connecticut vended market is paramount.
For more information email him at matthiasb@decequip.com

Tom Tobiasson - Maine
Tom Tobiasson
Tom has more than 40 years of experience in the laundry and dry cleaning industry.
For more information email at tomt@nelsonandsmall.com

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the upcoming sale. We can be reached at 800-258-3570, or by email at mahanl@decequip.com.