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Like an on-site partner, the UniLinc total control system keeps you informed on nearly every aspect of your laundry. Using revolutionary technology, UniLinc gives you the power to monitor key data and performance indicators, helping to pinpoint areas where you can increase efficiency and reduce operating costs associated with labor, linen replacement, utilities and maintenance. And it's all done in a single, easy-to-use system with unparalleled control and connectivity to your washer-extractor and dryers.

Everything that happens in an on-premises laundry is linked to expenditures. Cycle and employee training times impact labor costs; equipment upkeep ties to maintenance expenses; washer-extractor fill levels and temperatures relate to utility expenses; and wash cycle formulas connect directly to chemical usage and costs. UniMac focused on these relationships in developing its UniLinc control for its UW line of washer-extractors.

The Measure of Success
Being able to measure your laundry's performance is a critical aspect of improving it. Everything from cycle and employee training times, to equipment upkeep and maintenance expenses affects your bottom line. With UniLinc, you're able to stay better connected to your laundry with features like service history logging, error alerts, quick view reports and operational baselines. It's like having an extra set of eyes and ears in your laundry.

Benefits For Managers
UniLinc is able to help on-premises laundry managers take on a variety of challenges they face. With just a single display for both machines, monitoring your laundry has never been easier. And because UniLinc helps to increase efficiency, managers can look forward to reduced overall downtime and energy savings across the board.

Features such as "Head Start", real-time clock, maintenance reminders, a single display for both machines and monitoring of error codes and idle time all assist managers in keeping their laundry running at optimum efficiency. With UniLinc as your laundry partner, management has never been easier.

Benefits For Owners
UniLinc pulls together virtually every player and facet of the laundry process in taking a cohesive approach to laundry room management. In doing so, the control provides owners access to a wealth of data. Just a few minutes of review of this information in the Laundry Performance Snapshot can assist owners in identifying inefficiencies or potential problems.

But UniLinc's real value comes in its clean design, which joins ease of use, maintenance and management. The end result is a user-friendly control that also acts as an owner's link to the laundry - providing the tools to best manage the pieces and expenses within the operation.

Benefits For Programmers
High quality, consistent results are easy to achieve and even easier to maintain for programmers with UniLinc. Features such as programming through a PC or PDA as well as global parameters and a graphic display (no more look-up codes) will combine to limit programmers' time in the field.

In addition, the advanced communication and access to operations data UniLinc provides will save additional time in troubleshooting and fine tuning quality, while factory default settings, created with chemical company input, enable turn-key operation from startup.

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