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PPE Drying Cabinet

UniMac's PPE Drying Cabinet offers preset programs ranging from 1.5 hours to 3 hours to help you greatly reduce drying time versus conventional methods - getting your PPE back into service fast.

User Friendly
Operating the dryer is as simple as selecting one of the five presets and pressing the Start button. Additional time can be added as required.

Lower Utility Costs
Our dual-sided airflow process not only sends heated air around the gear, but also through the inside for maximum speed and efficiency. In addition, air is recirculated to further increase efficiency for lower utility costs.

The PPE Drying Cabinet becomes more versatile with optional rack attachments, effectively drying boots and gloves in addition to other turnout gear.

The UniMac PPE Drying Cabinet utilizes a dual air movement to quickly and gently dry turnout gear, including boots and gloves, in a matter of hours. This recirculation conserves energy as our unique design forces heated air through the hangers, inside, upwards and around the outside of your gear, ensuring that your turnout gear is thoroughly dried.

The PPE Drying Cabinet, when combined with a UniMac washer-extractor, will help you comply with NFPA 1851 guidelines.

Peace of Mind
A one-year warranty is issued to the original purchaser on the PPE Drying Cabinet. Labor not included.

Product Specifications

  • Fireman's PPE System
Capacity   6 full sets of Turnout Gear
Electric Heating   12 kW
Electric Connection - Circuit Breaker    
    208 V - 50/60 Hz 1 - Ph - 60 amp breaker
    208 V - 50/60 Hz 3 - Ph - 35 amp breaker
    240 V - 50/60 Hz 1 - Ph - 70 amp breaker
    240 V - 50/60 Hz 3 - Ph - 40 amp breaker
    380-415 V - 50 Hz 3 - Ph - 25 amp breaker
Exhaust Diameter - in (mm)   6" (152)
Outlet Airflow - cfm (m3/h)   300 (510)
Width - in (mm)   61 1/8" (1552)
Depth - in (mm)   32 5/8" (828)
Height - in (mm)    
    Outer: 80 3/8" (2042)
    Inner: 60" (1524)  
Net Weight - lb (kg)   534 (242)
Shipping Weight - lb (kg)   605 (274)
Agency Approvals   CSA


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